Message from the President

I am proud to serve as president of the Raleigh Chapter of Delicados, Inc!  It is with great anticipation and excitement that I welcome each of you to our website.  We appreciate your interest and the time you will spend learning about our organization.  The Raleigh Chapter of Delicados has proudly celebrates sisterhood, working in our communities to support children, and organizations that promote healthy causes, assisting families in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas, focusing on holistic health by bringing in a diverse group of speakers, providing services to the homeless, and recognizing those “unsung heroes” (seniors) at the Promenade of Roses event.  I proudly serve alongside one of our founding members, Mrs. Louise Johnson.  We look forward to continuing to embrace our mission of unity and fostering friendship among sisters.  

The legacy of leadership and involvement in civic, cultural, and social activities in our city, state, and world community will continue to be our focus.   We have a varied array of activities planned for 2018-2019. Our program of activities will continue to include: women's holistic health, services for the homeless, senior citizens programs, and guest speakers on various health topics. In addition, we will support programs related to domestic violence, Child Abuse (Vigil and Luncheon), Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Walk, Healthy Communities and Walk, a tutorial program for elementary African American Males, and assisting families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

We will be sharing many of these activities on our webpage! 

Wiladean R. Thomas, President 

Raleigh Chapter of Delicados, Incorporate